And the Holidays are almost over

Well, now that I have decided to make a “I survived Christmas Eve” shirt for the people in the choir who sing for both midnight mass and Christmas Day, things are beginning to wind down.
Thanks to my awesome Webmeister David, I am beginning to get the hang of this whole posting to my website thing.

So what is coming up for the Voice of Gypsy… Well a lot actually.

On Gypsy Audio I will be participating in writing for, and voicing a couple of characters on the upcoming audio soap Gypsy’s Cove. Yes is it the same Gypsy’s Cove that I am creating a flash presentation for. I am also working more on Stargazers. It has fallen on the backburner since school is my first priority, but don’t worry, I will get there. Now all I need are the stragglers to get their lines in.

As for my resolutions… well I’m still working on it, but I will post them in the near future.

I have a few new projects might be coming to fruition, but I won’t post anything until things are set in stone.

BTW, Have any of you seen Avatar? I know it is a big thing and I am lame for conforming to the norms, but I really liked it and I think it is up there with movies that make you think about human nature. It is right next to District 9. Comments?

Holiday Special

Okay everyone,

As I stated earlier in the week, David Sobkowiak and I have written stories for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog over at You’ve read all the stories I hope. Well as our give to you, we have recorded our stories for you to listen to.

Music for Beautiful Noise From Winter’s Crossing by James Galway and Phil Coulter: Cail i Na Gruaige Baine; Winter’s Crossing; Christmas Eve, Ellis Island.

When you are done be sure to head over to to listen to the Gypsy’s Miracle show and then check out the holiday greetings in the Wandering Minstrel’s Podcast.

Wishing you all a joyous and peaceful New Year!

New stuff and Upcoming Holiday Special

Hey everyone,

I hope that you all are having a good holiday!

Well I am still working on my flash projects and that is coming along nicely. Here is the link to my midterm project:

Alright, so on to the fun holiday stuff…

Coming up on Gypsy Audio is a cool holiday special called Gypsy Miracle. Yep, it is the pilot/preview for the same Gypsy’s Cove that I am creating a a flash project for. The show takes place in 1940s on Christmas Eve. It is a really great script by Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard.

Next, I’ve been doing some holiday writing along with several writers for an anthology put together by Jim Wineski. My story is called Beautiful Noise, and will be coming out on Christmas Eve. My friend David Sobkowiak already has a story out for Five Golden Rings. Since David and I are both active members of audio theatre, he had the brilliant idea to record our stories to release on Christmas.

I will be posting both here so that you all get the opportunity to hear it. Right now I am listening to the raw version of it right now. He is a good narrator. So, something for you all to look forward to.

As for the Winter Solstice, I was driving home at 9 at night and the crescent moon hung low in the night sky. The color was a bright amber that matched the golden lights on most of the houses. Its angle reminded me of the mysterious crescent moon of Avalon and it made me remember how magical this time of year was.

Happy Holidays.