Balticon and other news

I am posting to you all from Maryland where I am attending Balticon! I am so excited to be here and to meet some of these great people that I have been chatting with on Twitter and listening to their audio books. Kinda bummed out right now because apparently I am missing some fun according to the Twitter feed, but I am in some more than minor pain and need to get that taken care of before I can truly go and enjoy myself. So as I am sitting in Cobbler’s pose to help stretch the muscles allow me to commence with more self promotion, cause that’s why you’re here… to see what I’m up to. Continue reading

New PoA Episode, Chapter 6

Hiya people, I know this is a late entry but it is Monday and that means that there is a new episode of Prisoners of the Alliance. We are down to the last couple of introductions before we totally envelope you in how all these people come together.
Head on over to and listen. You know you want to.

Podiobook Love

TadaI have been listening to a great many different podcasts lately and it is only fair that I share them with the people that pay attention to what I have to say. These are in no particular order just so you all know.

If you have a sick twisted sense of humor like I do, then you will really enjoy Patrick E. McLean’s “How to Succeed in Evil”. It was the first podiobook that I have listened to and entertained me for hours last year as I drove back and forth for filming in Massachusetts. It is a straight up podiobook where the author expertly voices each character with vastly different voices.

FETIDUS: The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural” by James Durham. Now, for those of you who like horror and zombies, you’ll enjoy this. Now I also listened to this diving from film sites. The mistake I made was listening driving on the dark, foggy, highways of Vermont. I am not usually a zombie person (well no I am not a zombie person at all) but this is a really good podcast. For all my AD people, this is a good transitional piece to go from AD to Podiobooks as it has a lot of SFX and a full cast.

7th Son” by J.C.Hutchins. Now this novel made me think how people would want to see what kind of person we would turn out to be if we had taken a left instead of a right on the journey of our lives. And what would happen with the power to be everywhere at once.

Earthcore” by Scott Sigler. How greedy are the corporations of the world that they would sacrifice so much for profit? This author is a legend in the podiobook world and if you want a taste of his brilliance, this is the best place to get started.

Weather Child” by Philippa Ballantine. This story spans over the course of several years taking place in New Zealand. I have learned that this story is very personal to the author and it shows in the passion of her writing. Tee Morris lends his voice to this tale to compliment Philippa’s in the cast of characters.

Chasing the Bard” by Philippa Ballantine. Anyone who knows me knows that my two undying passions are Faeries and Shakespeare and this story focuses on both. I don’t know why it took me so long to listen to this podcast but I just finished it yesterday and LOVED it. Made me giddy and such. Tee Morris also lends his voice to many of the characters here including dear, William Shakespeare, but I must say my favorite characters to listen to were Puck and Brigit. 

Tumbler” by Brand Gamblin. If you had nothing and no one left in one area, what would you do to start over. Tumbler is a new version of the old frontier set in space. I enjoyed the way the author drew you into Libby, her world and her character.

Trapping a Duchess” by Michele Bekemeyer. This podiobook is in a word HOT! It is a historical romance, and like so many historical romances it contains a lot of steamy and not kid or work safe scenes. I have read romance novels but there is something to be said about the way voicing can enhance that experience, tension and passion.

The Dreamers Thread” by Starla Huchton. Again totally in love with faeries, magic and so on, so this took my breath away and left me wishing there were more. Not to mention it starts off in a tattoo parlor and I totally heart well done tattoos.

Tattoo” by Paul E Cooley. I love a good thriller as much as the next person. This one made my skin crawl a little and made me appreciate that all of my tattoos are original art work that I either created or helped to create.

Archangel” by Scott Roche. I am not overly religious but I do happen to like stories where divine intervention moves around people in dramatic ways. Archangel is a recipe containing action and violence, with a dash of Christianity to spice up the total battle of good and evil.

The Gearheart” by Alex White. This is the first exposure I have had to the Steampunk culture since “Around the World in 80 Days”. It is an imaginative tale with love, loss, pain, joy, trials and sacrifice. I think I have listened to this story 3 times so far because I miss things. It is a very well composed story enhanced by brilliant production and music.


And now some shameless self-promotion

If you didn’t know I’ve got some work out there too. For starters there is Prisoners of the Alliance. Now this story is very involved and people keep speculating that it has political undertones. Please know that I dispise politics. It makes people nasty. I vote for the lesser of two evils and let democracy do it’s business and then I can say I told you so if it goes ill or well. BUT I leave it out of my writing.

That being said we are on Chapter 5 of the prequel novel and I am excited to see that there is some interest drumming up on both my site and on Scrivener’s Circle.

The countdown is on now til I get to meet my co-author David Sobkowiak and several of the other fine authors I have listed above at Balticon in MD. 13 days. I am so incredibly excited. The only two things that will kinda suck is the drive will be long (9 hours) and that I can’t bring my husband along for the adventure (stupid retail).

We have been blowing up Twitter about it and have gotten a few people lined up for interviews including Jennifer Hudock (author of Goblin Market which I am currently listening to), Tee Morris, and Philippa Ballantine. This is very exciting for me to do a live interview with people whose work I am fascinated by.

In other news, my husband, Adam is getting back into writing music with fun new equipment that he has been saving for. He has stated that he will be attempting to write music for Prisoners of the Alliance. It may not come to fruition until the second novel as he also has his studies to consider, but it is exciting all the same.

For those of you who miss the Voice of Gypsy Audio. I will be returning. I have had a great deal of delays for Stargazers but those are being resolved and hopefully production on Episode 2 will begin when I get back from Balticon if not sooner. I will also be attempting to get rolling on more Wandering Minstrels Podcasts cause I’ve had some complaints that they’ve stopped. I’m glad that you all like it and hope you all tune in to the other awesome offerings at Gypsy Audio.

Until next time my friends, be well and leave me some love.


Falling behind. Sorry about that.

Alrighty folks. I know I said I would be updating more, but it’s been hell lately. Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis know that I have been battling an illness since November. There is still no resolution, but I find that it is exhausting trying to keep up with the things I have to do (work, dr. appts, housework) and what I like to do (writing, posting, recording and the like).

Anyway, I am here now, so let’s talk about what I’m up to. There’s of course Prisoners of the Alliance which is going really well. We just released Episode 5 and I am really enjoying listening to all of this coming together. I have to give major props to David Sobkowiak who took on this project with me and has been doing all of the production for it. He has narrated the 3 previous chapters and now I am up again and I have 4 in a row. So if you are looking to get a weekly fix of my vocal goodness (don’t mind the tone, it’s the exhaustion giving me gusto), then head over to and take a listen. Then comment on it. We can only get better through feedback from listeners.

I have tomorrow off from work so I will use my next post to give some love to the podiobooks that have been entertaining me of late.