¬†Woot! If you haven’t seen on my Twitter or Facebook pages, I got to 50,000 Words last Sunday! WOO HOO! I’m still not finished with the story, but given a couple more writing days and I should get there. Once I have gone through and edited it a couple of times I will be looking for Beta readers to help me out and decide if I want to podcast it or attempt to get it published or both.

If I do decide to podcast I will probably make it into an audio drama rather than a podcast novel, but we will see. Congrats to all my fellow NaNo winners and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends. I’m off to make some Harvest Soup for my family gathering.

Random Amusement

I am looking at the top searches of that bring people to my site and have found that by far my most popular post has been the one about King Richard’s Faire. I have people searching for “Jacques the Whipper”, “The Lady of the Glen”, “Ren Faire Woman” and so on. I have to wonder if people are using my image or costume as inspiration for their stories or costumes. If you are, please let me know. That would be pretty cool to hear about.