NaNoWriMo Day 6


Posted by Laura | Posted in Writing. | Posted on 06-11-2010

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Last night I had my first bout of nano-insomnia. I had been trying to sleep for 2 hours, and still just couldn’t get there even after taking my pain medication. Ugh. So there was nothing left for it. I surrendered to the muses and come downstairs to the freezing cold basement and began to write out the scene that I have been trying to build up to for the past two days. It’s a great scene too, taking place in the magnificent Aachen Cathedral. Oh I could have gone on and on about how much Desdemona loved being there, but the conversation was too intense for her to keep focused. She was getting a scolding from her father, Satan. I’m not gonna tell you any more than that, but he is a horrible father figure.

Once I had finally gotten to writing the scene I looked for the song that really inspired it, only to find out that it was on my other laptop. What else could I do but sing it to myself in order to get the mood right. I will probably go back in and add more to the scene as most of what I wrote this morning was dialogue, but it felt great to get the scene out of my head and into the document.

I know I have been praising my Scrivener app so far, but right now I am a¬†little peeved with it. It doesn’t read words correctly and there fore the spelling and word count are off. I have to go in and select the document that has everything in it and open it separate from the program in order to get a proper spell check and word count. This annoys me, but that’s what the beta is for, right? The program has been awesome otherwise, especially with organizing my informatin and keeping tabs on stuff I find for later use in the story.

So that is my little rant for today. I will get back to writing later after I do my errands and maybe catch a couple more hours of sleep. Check my earlier post for an excerpt of the story and let me know your honest opinion. If you just write “It’s nice,” or something to that effect I will beat you! If you say something more constructive or specific, then you will be free of my wrath.

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