Back from the abyss

Hello my friends and followers,
It has been quite a long time since I have been on, but thanks to the wonders of having the internet again and all that jazz, I can once again post to you all and let you know how my crazy world is going.

I have finished my move and am settling in nicely to my new life, job, etc. Did I mention I got engaged and handfasted while I was away? Oh well, yea that happened.

What can you all expect from me now that I am back online. For one thing, if you aren’t listening to “The Galley Table” from Flying Island Press, you should. I have made my triumphant return to the show and this evening the guys helped me to hash out what I need in order to prepare for NaNoWriMo.

In addition, I also have a story I am writing for the end of this month. I can’t tell you all too much, but it takes place after the earth went through several catastrophes. Technology is outlawed and seen as evil. Magic once again reigns. And a young woman has to protect her family from those who would try to destroy it.

“Why aren’t you recording?” you might be asking. In my last residence there was a great deal of carpet and other ways to absorb ambient noise. This house is covered in hardwood, and while easy to clean, it doesn’t do much for recording. Don’t worry. I have plans to make a sound booth so that I can start putting out my vocal goodness again.

In other news, I have been playing with the SCA for the last couple of years now, and have been honing my skills as a bard. Two weekends ago I won my first bardic competition and I can now say I am a Baronial Bard. Granted that Barony is in RI, but I have a few friends that live out that way as well.

That’s all for me at this point. Check back in next week, when hopefully I will remember to write to you all again.