NaNo Update #29 – Finish Line

For those of you who didn’t see my Twitter Feed, the story is done! Just over 50,000 words and the story is complete… for this case. So what does that mean from me for now? Well that all depends of you. How often you post or request things from me and how often I get the time to.

If you are still working toward that 50k goal, keep pushing on, you’ll get there! If you’ve made it, congratulations!

Thank you all for sticking with me on this journey and helping to inspire me to make it through.

NaNo Update #27/28 – Getting close

I might actually come to the finish right at 50k. I’ve expanded on Trixie’s relationship with Erik as he gives her a ride home and I spent some time really analyzing how she sees and feels things from her four inch tall perspective. I also got to play around with why, since fairies can enlarge and shrink other objects but not themselves. Here is what Trixie says about that. Continue reading

NaNo Update #26 – On the road again

So, it took a while but I  have finally got Trixie back on the road back to get her to the court on time.  Doing research for the spells and potions or potion properties can be a little bit iffy, but I suppose that is why I like writing fantasy.

Short post today as real life took a toll on me.

Keep writing people.

NaNo Update #24/25 – Cool stuff

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my fine fellows. I was making a bit merry yesterday with my family and did not get a chance to write or post. I shall be making up for it today.

Before I get into my strategy for the last 5 days of NaNoWriMo, let me tell you about the image for this post. Continue reading

NaNo Update #23 – Time

You know when you outline a story, it follows a timeline. Today while writing, I had to go back and think about how many days had past since the story takes place over the course of a week. Sure enough, I had come to the seventh day. Trixie is weak, and tired from the last scene and it typically takes two days to get back to the human realm.  So over the course of the weekend I will be tasked with finding some reasonable  means of getting back in time for Haggerty’s trial. How will I do it? With the Write or Die program of course. I seem to push out some plausible content with that program. I just don’t want it to go by too quickly. After all, I still have a week of content to give to you all.

NaNo Update #22 – Writing on a holiday

Well friends, I have broken 40k and am almost wishing I didn’t have to go to Thanksgiving Dinner, because I’m on a role.  I am almost wondering if I made the story climax too soon, but I figure I still have a play within a play to do at the end. Yes I am taking tips from Shakespeare, but I have to say that he is still one of my favorite authors, and the success of his plays has to say something for his formula.

I do have a clever excerpt for you today, and I hope it doesn’t give too much away, but you all read about it here first. Remember a few days ago, I talked about how Trixie dances with death. Well, I found a way to work the dance into the story. It is my way of paying homage to one of the great art forms. Enjoy.

behind my eyes, there was the dark, handsome figure of Death. He held out his hand to me. “I think a Tango would be most appropriate,” he said. His smooth voice touched my nerves and we took positions and danced around the recesses of my essence.

“Why do you want to give up this time, Beatrix?” He held me close and started to lead.

“The first time was me giving up. You should know that by now.” I followed, turning and matching him step for step.

He dipped me and ran his hand slowly along my side. “You just said how you would let magic have its way with you. You’ve given up again.”

As he brought me back up and we again moved around the floor, I thought about his statement. As we kicked and flicked our feet alternately, I answered him with my own question. “Have you ever loved, Death?”

“I have.”

He twirled me. “And if that love was ever in danger, would you give all of your self to protect it.”

We stopped dancing then. “I want to live for my love, but not at the cost of my love.”

“And what is it that you love?”

“Everything about this crazy world. The challenges that people put in front of me, the people who push me, the ones who care for me. All of them, I love and would give anything to protect.”

“Well played,” he said, releasing me. He bowed and turned away from me. “Thank you for the dance.”

 Thank you all for your comments and your support. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate. Otherwise, Happy Thursday! Keep those writing goggles handy. You never know when you’ll get a few moments to write.

NaNo Update #21 – So close

Alright my friends, I am really getting to that point where I can’t post any more excerpts without  giving the whole story away.  I suppose this is the part where I talk about my writing process and talking about myself is hard.

One of the things that was bugging me about the way Trixie has been talking of late, was that I was getting away from who she was. She was being put into a position where others were relying on her. Younger folk were looking to her for wisdom, and as a reaction she started talking like her adopted mother did when she was that age. I found myself chaneling my own mother and once I realized it, I made Trixie start to snap back to her usual snarky self. That came full circle when she was reunited with  Turik. Isn’t it funny how, when you meet up with the old gang, you remember the person that you used to be.

I am really close to 40k as you can see by the pretty word meter. I am hoping to surpass that tomorrow as I wait for Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I am going out to celebrate and maybe take a couple of notes about what I will write tomorrow.

Keep writing writers. Keep reading, readers and I will post tomorrow when the writing goggles come off.

NaNo Update #20 – Dris the Dark

The name for this character came from Allen Sale of Astral Audio.  Originally he was supposed to be a goblin, but I decided for the purposes of the story, he needed to be as calculating, but fairer. So I made him a gnome.

 The Troll Market itself was not actually run by Trolls, but for many of that race, this was the only place for them to sell their wares as they were so looked down upon, even in human society. Trolls were great alchemists, and one of the people that they typically sought out for their ingredients was Gnaudris, also known as Dris the Dark.

Dris was a gnome. The darkest skinned gnome I have ever seen, with skin like a midnight pool, eyes the color of onyx, and pitch colored hair. He was in essence a shadow and that made procuring material easier under the cover of night. If I didn’t know that he donated a portion of his wares to the hospices to aid orphaned magix, I would have had him locked up years ago.

As we approached his booth, he had his feet up on the table and was leaning back, inspecting a gem with an ocular lens.

“The Watch reunion,” he said as he continued to turn what I thought might have been malachite in his hand, “how quaint. Come to give me a good tongue lashing for old times sake?”

I flew in between him and the gem. His clammy scent assaulted me before the rest of the smells of the items in his tent soothed the smell out of my nostrils. “If you could give us your attention, we can make this quick and relatively painless.”

“You’ve been working out Stonebriar. It shows in you curves.” I flipped him off with his eyes still magnified on me. “Let me find a shrinking potion, honey, and we can do that.”

I groaned. “Gnaudris, the only way I would sleep with you, is if you were not you. And that’s not going to happen anytime soon, since you’re in love with yourself.”

He sighed dramatically. “I know, you’re intimidated by the perfection that is me. It is such a burden to bare.” Finally, he put down the lens and tucked the stone in his vest pocket. “So what can I do for you?”


Not much else from me today. I am trying to make some headway on word count since I have been slacking the past few days. Keep writing, keep reading, keep going.

NaNo Update #19 – Undisclosed

AHHH! I am to the point in the book where I might not be able to keep posting tid bits of the story without giving everything away! But I am going to try my damnedest to.

So here’s the thing. Trixie is finding out that she and death are dancing partners at a party and death just keeps on trying to sweep her off into some room and do unspeakable things. And inevitably the next partner switches off with her. Ooo, I might use that analogy. Anyway, she is with the centaurs, and she is left in the care of a bunch of young foals and fillies, who want to know more about… the human world. Continue reading

NaNo Update #18 – Freedom of Flying

First Thanksgiving is done, and all the socializing has rejuvenated me. I took a gander at some of my reference material, looking for something to help Trixie get through the vast Eldar Wood  in less than a day.  I found a spell that made me cringe a little, but the ingredients are harmless. It is called Sparrow’s Blood Powder. Now it is made from Dragon’s Blood resin, red sandalwood powder, red rose petals and orrinsroot. See, no birds were harmed in this.

I needed Trixie to have some better stake in making this happen, other than all of the Eldar Wood would be destroyed. She had to fall in love the the forest again. So here is how the Sparrow’s Blood Powder helped with that.  Continue reading