Cecily Windham Goes to War

Greetings and Salutations friends.

As you all may have realized I have been away from my website for quite awhile. This is for many reasons. Absolution is still in the editing phases due to recording errors but is underway.

But what is taking up most of my free time is taking is my explorations with my persona in the SCA. Cecily Windham is getting to be well known as both a bard and a styler of hair. As my research and experimentation grow I am finding that I love doing this. Did you now that the “heathen celts” were the most clean of their time, and wore their hair in many braids to keep it out of their faces as they lived out their lives in the Middle Ages?

Slowly but surely I am getting proficient enough with setting hair to be both functional and beautiful that I want to experiment with selling my services. We will see how this is going to work. I was just at Great North Eastern War this weekend and I have several other people to meet with at Pennsic War over the next couple of weeks to practice more and get a feel for working with various types of hair.

I welcome any comments or suggestions that would help me along.