Balticon Plotting

Hello friends,

Non-Audio post today partially due to sore throat, but I wanted to give you a a sneak peek into what my plans are for Balticon.

First of all, I am putting myself up for 10 panels, and may the best panels win. The two I know I will be doing will be the Hidden Harbor Mysteries Launch Party and the Narration Vs Voice Over panel. I am thinking it may be merged with the Full Cast vs Straight Read panel but I suppose it will depend on interest.

I plan on bringing some refined excerpts of the second installment of Stonebriar Casefiles to read. Currently I have a couple of people reading through it for continuity and all that stuff since I will be signing up for some readings. Side note: The first time I ever had to do a reading, two authors that I really respect helped me out a great deal. I think that’s another story for another time.

The other thing that I’m doing for Balticon is putting together some costume pieces. What this means is that on an almost weekly basis I will be going to thrift stores to get pieces to add to my 2 major costumes. Basically I have 2 corsets, one is brown and steampunk style and one is black shiny leather. Obviously costumes must be built off of that. So, as I accumulate costume pieces and decide what I will be doing with it, I will add that as a segment of Gypsy In The Attic and include pictures.

I think that’s enough words for now. I’m off to find buried treasure.

Gypsy In The Attic EP14: Project Complete

The hardest part about doing this podcast while recording other projects is remembering to post what I have recorded.
In other news: The final chapter of Emperor’s Edge 4 is edited and retakes completed. It is now off to the producer. WOOT!

Voice Actor Spotlight:
Starla Huchton – She has become a dear friend and I am so grateful to know her after I did my typical Fan Girl introduction to her. She is one of those multi talented people that you love and envy because the range of her skills.

See you next time in the attic!
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Gypsy In The Attic EP13: Short and Squee

Wherein I admit that I have been late in posting and missing a recording.

Mentioned in the show @Nobilis on Twitter.

Also made a lot of progress made in the audio book.

Voice Actor Spotlight
Ara Pelodi A beautiful voice that has graced many of my favorite shows on

That’s all… for now. See you next time in the attic.

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Gypsy In The Attic EP11: Let’s Get Physical

Wherein I talk about all my activities of what is now last weekend and how I work on editing and inserting retakes.
Absolution is no longer live but we are working on it.
Cloak and Dagger

Voice Actor Spotlight
Alex White is the brilliant talent behind The Gearheart and he puts his body into the audio that he makes for me.

Thanks for listening, and see you next time in the attic.

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Gypsy In The Attic EP10: Upcoming Plans

Wherein I talk about upcoming plans to start interviewing other narrators and voice actors.

Voice Actor Spotlight:
Mark “Mak” Kalita: The gem of BrokenSea Audio and my first exposure to The Doctor.

Short episode today but because of that I was able to get through the next chapter of my current project. I am so close to being done.

See you next time in the attic.

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Gypsy In The Attic EP09: Location is Key

Wherein I talk about how changing your location or equipment may take additional work for the voice actor so that the show is still good.

Voice Actor Spotlight:
Nathan Lowell who is a wonderful voice to listen to and weaves such brilliant tales. I have personally listened to his Quarter Share series 3 times now.

See you next time in the attic.

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Gypsy In The Attic EP08: Guests and Planning

Wherein I talk about the woes of voice acting work colliding with hosting guests to maintain some semblance of a social life. Also World Building and Plans for Trixie the Pixie.

Voice Actor Spotlight on:
M Sieiro Garcia is quite possibly the most diverse voice actor I know and she is a great friend to boot. While I didn’t mention this in audio, she really saved me in a pinch at Balticon 2012 by filling in for a voice actor that didn’t end up coming to the convention. She is in high demand, and what she gives the listeners is brilliant!

Thanks for listening, and catch you next time, in the attic.

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