Balticon 48 Wrap Up

Good Morning Friends and Followers,

Thank you to whomever nominated me to a Parsec Award for “Gypsy In The Attic”. I now have to figure out what category I qualify for. I think new podcaster, or behind the scenes podcast.

Balticon has been crazy wonderful, as most of the attendees will attest to. I broke my record of panels in a single day. Yesterday I was on the following shows/panels: Continue reading

Gypsy In The Attic EP 28: Getting Interviews

Wherein I talk about production woe’s. As you can tell I have found a method to get interviews on this channel. Networking/self promotion is the main topic of concern.

Still trying to figure out ACX.

Voice Actor Spotlight.
Kristen Bays listen to her in the many shows on

My YouTube Channel is actually:


Review of Grave Robbers by Drac Von Stoller

It is a time in the year 1862 when cities and towns are just starting to be established around gold mines. A group of thieves make their way to a small town with a graveyard much larger than their population.

Normally, I don’t care for stories of this nature because of dealings with the undead and my vivid imagination. But this story was short and I was able to listen to it during daylight hours. In addition the writer leaves a lot of the facts about the town’s sinister nature until the very end. Continue reading

Gypsy In The Attic EP25: Remember a Part

Wherein I talk about getting excited with all these interview. And I talk about how to recreate characters that you recorded a long time ago.
I am working on getting the interviews in audio, but I am only able to do so many per month.
I will get them out as soon as I can, but I do also have them up on if you want to get to them sooner.

Voice Actor Spotlight:
Seth Adam Sher