BALTICON Audio Short Challenge!


If you listen to my show, you know that the show focuses on voice acting and the different projects that I get to participate in. Well now it is time for some fast writing to bring a short story to life.

Challenge:  Write a short audio script between 3 and 6 pages long with a cast of 2-4.

Theme: BBQ party. Anything can happen at this party.  People can be talking about the latest news of friends; aliens could invade; an underground relief from resistance fighting, just to give a few examples.

The idea is to recreate how a radio show was done back in the golden age of radio theater. I will be bringing props for any sound effects that are written into the scripts. I will also be writing a short to share. Authors, if you are going to be at Balticon, you may want to sign up for the panel so that you can play a part. If not I’ll be selecting members from the audience.

Please send submissions to LNicole at FlyingIslandPress dot com by May 10th, 2015.  This will give me enough time to procure props for sound effects.

Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Here’s a back logged GITA too from February. I was super sick from a bad cold and recorded my best impression of Lauren Bacall.

Thanks for listen.