GITA S2 EP01 – Audio Quality

It is a new Season, and GITA has been hosted by the exceptionally talented Michael L Stokes of Cool Audio Productions, and we talk about making audio sound really good. He also gives some great tips as we gear up for con season and interviewing all of the interesting people that we encounter.

Going forward this podcast will also host Stonebriar Casefiles 182: Bad Alchemy, the podcast novel by yours truly, Laura Nicole.  They will be appropriately labeled in your feed.
Thank you for listening.

Picking Music

The Voice Actor in her natural environment.

Here’s a thing you may not know about the creation of a podcast novel.  There are a lot of steps that you don’t think about too often. For example: what do you say in your intro and credits for each episode? Do you start each subsequent episode with “the story so far”? What music are you going to have lead the listener in to the episode?

Working with Mike Stokes at Cool Audio Productions this weekend was a blast. Even though we are friends, he provided me with a professional atmosphere to work in.   Continue reading

Studio Time

Hiya friends and followers,

Tomorrow I head into the studio to get started recording Stonebriar Casefiles – Bad Alchemy.  I’m very excited to work with Michael Stokes of Cool Audio Productions to put the podcast novel together. Soon, (hopefully within 2 weeks) I will be able to start releasing Continue reading