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Oh man! Talking about myself again? Well I suppose you really want to know since you’re already here…

I’ve been acting in theatre since I was 12 years old as a big part in a parody of Cinderella at the community theater group. It was a great experience because it was on a NATO base, so I got to work with people of all ages from various countries all for the love of theater. I learned so much in those few years there and brought what I learned with me when I moved back to the US and began acting again in High School.

Production came to me in while in High School. I didn’t get cast in much but did get to learn how to edit scenes so they worked better, build props, work sound effects and lighting, and advertising shows to local vendors for financial support. That was great fun too.

I worked with Hesser College to create and maintain the Hesser College Drama Group which raised food items and donations for the local food pantry as admission to the shows we put on. During this time I have been the lead actor, assistant director, stage manager, and promotions liaison. Lot of work but well worth it to aid the hungry in Southern, NH.

Back in 2004 my father, Alan Spencer, asked me if I wanted to do a couple of lines for his show on BrokenSea , Johnny Quest. He needed a good German accent, and since I lived in that area for 7 years, he thought I would be perfect. Since then, I have never looked back.

I have acted in shows for BrokenSea, Darker Projects, MisfitsAudio, ImaginationLane and produced the first episode of the show Jonah Hex at Circus 13 Productions.

In January 2009, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, asked me to help her create a new audio group with some of our counterparts in the audio world. Thus Gypsy Audio was born and with it came many new takes on what women should be in our form of literature. We keep the tradition of storytelling alive! I have three shows at Gypsy for you to check out if you want to hear more of me: Twisted Tales of Faerie, The Wandering Minstrels Podcast, and Stargazers.

Currently I am working on building my narration portfolio and voice acting professionally after my day job. I am also getting my podcasting fix with my show “Gypsy In The Attic” that talks about voice acting and voice actors. If you want to be interviewed or have recommendations for me with regards to voice acting, please email me at LN_Dragonsong at yahoo dot com

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