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Gypsy In The Attic EP 36: Goodnight Sweet Friend

And the Gypsy Pirate is back in the Attic. I’m really excited to get recording again.
Unfortunately the joy of recording comes at a time of sorrow. Our dear friend and podcasting staple, P.G. Holyfield is losing his battle with cancer. He is the author of Murder at Avedon Hill, many other short stories, and the host of the Beyond the Wall Podcast. I interviewed him earlier this year. Continue reading

Gypsy In The Attic: EP02 I Love OTR

Today we talk about how much I love Old Time Radio or OTR.

Mentioned in the podcast:
BrokenSea for OTR Swagcast and other great shows
Alan White aka “New Mutant” who produces “Feedback: A Hero’s Calling”
Voice Artist Spotlight:
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard of Gypsy Audio Productions
Thanks for listening, See you next time in the attic.

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Back from Balticon

After a fantastic weekend seeing old and meeting new faces, and a very long, scenic drive, I have made it home.

To reflect on this weekend is to be reminded of how wonderful this international family truly is. It is unfortunate that I can only get together with this group once a year.  My friend Valerie Griswold – Ford and I are working with other friends in the New England/Eastern Canada area to do a NoreasterCon. Personally, I’d like to do it as a “lets create something amazing this weekend, record it and post it as soon as possible” event. All the panels that I wanted to go to I didn’t end up getting to go to due to my own schedule, and just being worn out.

I also got to sell my own publication of Stonebriar Casefile: 182, Bad Alchemy. It is the story of Beatrix Stonebriar and how she uses her fae magic to assist in solving crimes through the CSI department. I still have CD’s for sale at $5. If you are interested, please email me at LNicole at FlyingIslandPress dot com. I have also been asked to create more cases for Trixie the Pixie (she’s gonna hate me for calling her that) so I guess that means that it is time for me to do some research.

The Stargazers Live Audio Drama went beautifully, even if I didn’t get to use the background SFX that I had worked on. I got live foley from Keith R. A. DeCandido instead and it was amazing. Thanks to Keith, M. Sieiro Garcia, Bryan Lincoln, Encaf1, Veronica Giguerre, P.G. Holyfield, Doc Coleman, Scott Roche, Starla Huchton, Tim Dodge, Val Griswold-Ford, Dee Reed, and Kim the Comic Book Goddess for bringing the story to life. Paulette Jaxton and Nuchtchas were supposed to be voices as well, but they had other things come up.

Also, it was my boyfriend’s first con. Everyone was great to him and he had a fantastic time! He will come back next year as will my father and his family.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. I just chose sleep over after parties. Thanks for the memories and let’s do it again next year.

Balticon Schedule UPDATED 5-22-12

Greetings friends.

I have my Balticon schedule, so if you want to catch up with me, this is where I am guaranteed to be (barring any last minute schedule changes).

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Writers Guide to Guns. 10:00 pm – Derby

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Reading. 9:00 am – Pimlico*

Autograph Signing. 10 am – Maryland Foyer*

Comedy Improv. 6:00 pm – Chesapeake

Dynamic Voice Acting. 9:00 pm – Derby

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Galley Table Live. 2:00 pm – Chesapeake
Stargazers Live Audio Drama. 9:00 pm – Derby

*New additions to my schedule. This should be interesting.

If there are any changes or additions I will be sure to post them. Thanks for checking out the site and spreading the word. Keep your eyes open as I will be posting a fun game that we are setting up through Flying Island Press for the weekend.

New Audio 05/10/2012

Hiya Folks,

I am getting back in to voice acting with much passion and reckless abandon. While most of my efforts are going toward getting all of the narration finished for Absolution, I have several other shows that I am lending my voice to. These are great shows for you to check out. Whenever a new show that features me comes out, I will be sure to post it as soon as possible.

For right now I am going to post the latest shows that feature my voice within the past couple of months.

Flying Island Press: Galley Table 

Flying Island Press: Flagship Check out my review of the movie “Hunger Games”

BrokenSea: Doctor Who Whispers in Silence

Pendant Audio: Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Episode 88

Gypsy Audio: Gypsy Cove


More posts coming soon, including my Balticon schedule if you are going. We are doing a live performance of Stargazers in a never before heard episode.

Medical stuff leads to delays

Oh what a year it has been and we are just half way through. I am posting from the hospital now and yes, I know I am crazy.  So here’s what is going on.  I’ve been sick for about two weeks now and on Sunday night into Monday morning it got so bad that I needed to go to the ER. Needless to say, since I have been in a stupor with little to no voice and now in the hospital I have had next to no time to work on Absolution or Stargazer.

Now before I get medically induced again and only make a partial post I will log off for the night. Thank you all for your patience and I will get back on schedule as soon as possible.

2011 Goals

Hello my frequent visitors and friends,

Well it is 2011 and I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday. Mine was filled with a lot of laughter, great food, great people (thanks Val and Bri), and (I will admit) a little bit of alcohol. So everyone makes resolutions for the new year… and few stick to them. As for me I make goals. Sometimes I reach them and sometimes I don’t. Last year my goal was to finish the novella “Prisoners of the Alliance” with my partner in crime, David Sobkowiak. We succeeded and I also finished the first draft of another novel, which was pretty damn cool. It makes me think that a lot more things are possible having made those goals and I am very grateful for the people who supported me and challenged me all the way. I always did love a good competition (thanks Brand). Continue reading

July Updates

From Adam.Sorry for the delay folks this month has been a whirlwind of activity for me. So let’s start off with the holiday, Independence Day, or for everyone else… July 4th.  I got the oppurtunity to actually get away and go for a long walk to Cedar Swamp a few miles away from where I live. It was a good workout. I got to meet one of the local firemen who let me re-fill my water bottle at the station on the say back home. Here is my blog from that day. Continue reading