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Gypsy In The Attic EP11: Let’s Get Physical

Wherein I talk about all my activities of what is now last weekend and how I work on editing and inserting retakes.
Absolution is no longer live but we are working on it.
Cloak and Dagger

Voice Actor Spotlight
Alex White is the brilliant talent behind The Gearheart and he puts his body into the audio that he makes for me.

Thanks for listening, and see you next time in the attic.

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Cecily Windham Goes to War

Greetings and Salutations friends.

As you all may have realized I have been away from my website for quite awhile. This is for many reasons. Absolution is still in the editing phases due to recording errors but is underway.

But what is taking up most of my free time is taking is my explorations with my persona in the SCA. Cecily Windham is getting to be well known as both a bard and a styler of hair. As my research and experimentation grow I am finding that I love doing this. Did you now that the “heathen celts” were the most clean of their time, and wore their hair in many braids to keep it out of their faces as they lived out their lives in the Middle Ages?

Slowly but surely I am getting proficient enough with setting hair to be both functional and beautiful that I want to experiment with selling my services. We will see how this is going to work. I was just at Great North Eastern War this weekend and I have several other people to meet with at Pennsic War over the next couple of weeks to practice more and get a feel for working with various types of hair.

I welcome any comments or suggestions that would help me along.

New Audio 05/10/2012

Hiya Folks,

I am getting back in to voice acting with much passion and reckless abandon. While most of my efforts are going toward getting all of the narration finished for Absolution, I have several other shows that I am lending my voice to. These are great shows for you to check out. Whenever a new show that features me comes out, I will be sure to post it as soon as possible.

For right now I am going to post the latest shows that feature my voice within the past couple of months.

Flying Island Press: Galley Table 

Flying Island Press: Flagship Check out my review of the movie “Hunger Games”

BrokenSea: Doctor Who Whispers in Silence

Pendant Audio: Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Episode 88

Gypsy Audio: Gypsy Cove


More posts coming soon, including my Balticon schedule if you are going. We are doing a live performance of Stargazers in a never before heard episode.

Medical stuff leads to delays

Oh what a year it has been and we are just half way through. I am posting from the hospital now and yes, I know I am crazy.  So here’s what is going on.  I’ve been sick for about two weeks now and on Sunday night into Monday morning it got so bad that I needed to go to the ER. Needless to say, since I have been in a stupor with little to no voice and now in the hospital I have had next to no time to work on Absolution or Stargazer.

Now before I get medically induced again and only make a partial post I will log off for the night. Thank you all for your patience and I will get back on schedule as soon as possible.

Coming up from Laura Nicole

Alrighty folks,

There are a lot of new exciting project that I am up to my eyeballs in and I am happy to share some of them with you. Some of these projects are for pay, so any donations that you can afford to give would be extremely humbling, but not required for all of my works.

So first of all, Absolution is out at Scrivener’s Circle. Now, if you were at Balticon, you received a free promotional CD for coming to see me at the autograph signing. OH MY GOD that was so cool. Thank you to Starla Hutchton and Philippa Ballantine for sharing such a wonderful experience. These two fantastic ladies were a great part of my weekend a month ago.  From Starla asking me to step in and read for Antigone’s Wrath, to Pip dragging me to my own reading… and everything in between. There are too many people I met for the first time and some who I got to see again. I love you all, my extended family!  And thanks to Val Ford for providing transportation and great conversation.

What was I saying… oh yes, Abosolution. So tomorrow, chapter 3 will be released on Monday, and we have been successful in releasing on a regular basis. Fingers crossed that trend will continue. Chapter 3 was the last track on the promotional CDs so in two weeks everyone will be getting previously unreleased episodes! I have gotten a lot of feedback on this story. Not all of it is good, but I thrive on constructive criticism, so please keep it coming.

I have also been working on a series of articles for Flying Island Press called “Please Spay Your Tribbles”. These are quick blog posts about what the world would be like if the gadgets and tools of scifi and fantasy were available in the 21st century. I also narrate stories for each issue of Flagship, so please check them out by subscribing or purchasing a single issue.

I have a few other projects that are not quite ready to be released yet, but they are coming.

Scrivener’s Circle Casting Call

Casting Call: Absolution

Scrivener’s Circle is casting for it’s latest podcast novel written by Laura Frechette.
The story takes place in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and travels to Germany so most of the cast will have Germanic accents.
Synopsis: Desdemona and Paul are a very odd pair of companions: a half-demon and a priest. They meet under the most unlikely of circumstances and end up on a journey to save Paul’s life and Desdemona’s soul and along the way, they need to save the world. Continue reading

2011 Goals

Hello my frequent visitors and friends,

Well it is 2011 and I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday. Mine was filled with a lot of laughter, great food, great people (thanks Val and Bri), and (I will admit) a little bit of alcohol. So everyone makes resolutions for the new year… and few stick to them. As for me I make goals. Sometimes I reach them and sometimes I don’t. Last year my goal was to finish the novella “Prisoners of the Alliance” with my partner in crime, David Sobkowiak. We succeeded and I also finished the first draft of another novel, which was pretty damn cool. It makes me think that a lot more things are possible having made those goals and I am very grateful for the people who supported me and challenged me all the way. I always did love a good competition (thanks Brand). Continue reading

It’s my Party…

and I’ll read if I want to.Elm St

Alright people. I’ve got 2 hours before my reading on Dragon*Cant.  So here’s what I want you all to do. At 3 PM EST I want you all to go to the Dragon*Cant UStream channel and listen to me read. Comment; Ask me Questions; Raise a glass with me. It’s my 25th Birthday today, so I can rent a car now… But I would much rather have all of you fun people there to support my reading and supporting Dragon*Cant.

So what did I choose to read? Continue reading

Dragon*Cant Reading

Im recording here!
I'm recording here!

Attention Readers! Your assistance is needed.

If you are not part of the podcasting or con community, umm, well this post may seem a little strange to you. If you are… then I am pretty sure you know all about Dragon*Con and all the bozos who are there WITHOUT ME!   All bitterness aside, some wonderful people: Brand Gamblin, Allison Duncan, and Nathan Lowell; have actually created a site called Dragon*Cant for all the people who can’t make it to Dragon*Con, like me. Makes sense right.

So that being said, I offered (mostly to see if they would accept me) to do a reading for them. Surprisingly, I got a slot on Monday at 3 pm EST.  So after a poll on Twitter, it looks like most people want me to read from Prisoners of the Alliance. This is the part where I need your help. I am having a REALLY hard time picking one, cause I like them all so much. So I will post a list here of the Chapters and who they are about. I will chose two episodes to read based on your responses.

**Note**  I read male voices very poorly. Continue reading