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GITA Balticon Interview Tek

I sat down with Tek of Nutty Bites who has some exciting news about a new podcast with regards to his journey through akido called Upside Down and Flying. This is a show I’m looking forward to listening to.

Find all information and updates for Tek at or follow him on Twitter @The_Clock_Doc

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GITA Balticon Interview Nathan Lowell

On this installation, we catch up with Nathan Lowell and his schedule from Balticon. Don’t mind the jingling, that was my Gypsy Pirate outfit. Among other things we talk about how to mitigate the post con blues. I also relate the reaction of my father meeting Nathan Lowell for the first time, which had happened just an hour earlier.

Find more of Nathan’s work at

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GITA Post Balticon Interview: Peter Bryant

This interview is currently only available on YouTube. It will be dropped into the audio feed after the remaining Balticon interviews have aired.

The best thing about Balticon, as I have said, is getting to make new friends in the industry. I had the privilege meeting Peter this year and found that we had a lot of common interests.
Find his work at

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GITA Balticon Interview Alex White and Stephen Granade

Alex White and Stephen Granade from Disaster Piece Theatre (the re makes it fancy) sat down with me at Balticon to discuss their projects and what they’ve been up to lately.

Find their hilarious show at

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Post Balticon Update and Impressions

Gypsy Pirate Done Right

Wow, it has been a long time since doing a non audio blog, but as I’ve come down with the dreaded con crud my voice is not quite up to par.

What to expect from Gypsy In the Attic: For the next few Sundays I will be posting interviews I was able to do while at the con. Many of the people are old friends of the show, but we do have several new visitors to the attic like Charlie Brown, Paul K Ellis, Scott Pond and more. I will make Balticon last as long as possible.

My Balticon experience: Thursday I got to play a new to me RPG called Numenera with Nobilis Reed, Dave Robison, Veronica Giguere and other new friends. It was a lot of fun and Nobilis is a great game master. Not surprising as he is also a great story teller, but sometimes those two things don’t mesh.

Friday was an empty day for me panel wise, but it was full of hugs as our friends started to gather for the weekend. Many of the interviews I recorded were done on Friday as people were gathering as you will hear. I spent a good deal of time with Vivid Muse and Val Griswold-Ford as well, getting things ready for the New Media Homecoming Dance.

The Meat and Greet party was a success as always thanks to Tee Morris and Jason Gregory Banks. I met PJ Schnyder for the first time which was significantly cool as I love her story in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Tales from the Archive – A Swan in Siam.  I also met the talented Peter Bryant of Mythwits who a wrangled into my live show. Balticon is amazing that way.

Saturday I met up with my dad who lives in the area and got the greatest kick out of introducing him to Nathan Lowell. For more on that, listen to the Nathan Lowell episode when it comes out.

I had a reading at noon. I was nervous about it but did my best not to let it show. I hadn’t slept much due to worry and was editing my work at 3 in the morning.  Normally, I am used to reading with two other authors I have never met and having maybe 3 people in the audience.  This year I got to read with Patrick Scaffido and Michael Black.  We had a full room for our reading, many of which were my accomplished writer friends. I was astounded by the support and encouragement they all gave to me actually getting published. More to come on that part later.

We also had the Dirty Mad Libs panel that night. I brought out my Gypsy Pirate outfit and tried out some new tribal make up to go with it.  It looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I found myself looking for some filler while I tried to gain composure. Reading sexual scenes still makes me blush. So, I introduced everyone to my favorite SCA drinking game. Basically, I say “Stupid Viking Drinking Game… Drink!” and everyone in the audience drinks. The panel was composed of myself, Scott Roche, and Bliss Morgan. Oh man was it a good time. I’m hoping Nobilis has the audio…

The Balticon Beats party with DJ Alex White was a success again! I belly danced in a corset with new friends fresh from the Dirty Mad Libs panel. I had an amazing time but boy was I sore in the morning.

Sunday was a slow start to the day. I worked on more stuff for the Homecoming dance and decided to also do a photo journal on how I did my tribal make up to become the Gypsy Pirate. It was all so that I could be ready for the Gypsy In The Attic Podcast Live! If you haven’t listened to the show yet, you should do so. I had so much fun putting it together and I didn’t even have to act this time! All the people on the show were people I admire for their talents and writing and… I could gush about them for hours.

I also was on a panel for Writing Crime Novels in Sci-Fi or Fantasy Universe with John French and Keith R A DeCandido. This was a lot of fun as I am currently writing in this world and get to share some of my rules with others of similar interests. Also made great connections with John French as he is actually a forensics supervisor. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

The Homecoming Dance was bittersweet. The love and effort put into is was so heartfelt, down to the last glittery star. I was very happy to be a part of it and to make the McKendrick Mercantile Cooperative banner, and to be Viv’s personal assistant when she needed it. It was our goodbye to PG Holyfield who was a dear friend to me in good times and bad. I choked up a little as I was the emcee for the event but I think I recovered pretty well.

We left Monday with a few goodbyes and lots of good memories. Next year, Kilted Man will be back with me along with my father and step mother. It will be a bit of a Tortuga for us. Let’s all be pirates next year! Yar!

Now as for the getting published bit, I’ve got an editor and a couple of beta readers. I have a beautiful cover by Starla Huchton. StoneBriar Casefiles will be published by next Balticon and I will have a launch party, (hopefully with some other author I know with the same goal ;))

That’s all for now. Next Sunday, the Balticon Interview Series begins.

See you next time in the attic!



GITA Live at Balticon

Gypsy In The Attic Live Cast!

This is the live show at Balticon.
Many thanks to my cast for all their time and talents.
Scott Roche:
Doc Coleman:
Nobilis Reed:
David Sobkowiak:,
Veronica Giguere:
Peter Bryant:

The stories you heard were “Ant’s Revenge” by Laura Nicole, “Freddy and the Silver Hammer” by Scott Roche and “Eric and the Dread Gazebo” by Nobilis Reed.

I am so happy to share this with you all and thank you to those who were there. You made my Balticon debut very memorable.