Gypsy In The Attic EP 36: Goodnight Sweet Friend

And the Gypsy Pirate is back in the Attic. I’m really excited to get recording again.
Unfortunately the joy of recording comes at a time of sorrow. Our dear friend and podcasting staple, P.G. Holyfield is losing his battle with cancer. He is the author of Murder at Avedon Hill, many other short stories, and the host of the Beyond the Wall Podcast. I interviewed him earlier this year.

This is not mentioned in the audio but it is meant for you followers who read my posts.  PG and I met at Balticon in 2010. It was my first con and this handsome fellow kept making me feel really welcome along with all the other podcasters whose shows I had been listening to. There was an epic book release party with Nathan Lowell (I’d heard of him had yet to listen to his work), Patrick MacLean (huge fan of his work) and this other guy who had the reputation of having the longest podcast release schedule EVER. Never heard of him.

They read each other’s stories and it was quite possibly the best thing I have ever been witness to outside of my Stargazers reading, which I will get to in a moment. When we went up to meet the authors and buy books, I was waiting in line for Patrick, and PG took a moment to talk to me. It was awkward because other than what I had just heard, I had no idea who he was. Apparently that was a breath of fresh air and he proceeded to make the rest of my convention welcoming and enjoyable.

Our first meeting.

2 years later I needed a lead role for my reading of Stargazers, and PG was not only my first choice but he readily took on the part. The picture you see on Facebook with him, Starla Huchton and Keith RA DeCandido was from that reading. He fell into the part and gave it exactly what it needed.

Reading Stargazers at Balticon

PG is a wonderful man, a true friend and a gifted storyteller. He will be survived by his three children (I may have said 2 in the audio). If my story has moved you at all, please consider making a donation to his GoFundMe page which is raising money to cover his medical expenses and raising funds for his girls.

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Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time in the attic.
To PG. Goodnight sweet friend.
For the song I mentioned in the podcast you can find it here.

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