Picking Music

The Voice Actor in her natural environment.

Here’s a thing you may not know about the creation of a podcast novel.  There are a lot of steps that you don’t think about too often. For example: what do you say in your intro and credits for each episode? Do you start each subsequent episode with “the story so far”? What music are you going to have lead the listener in to the episode?

Working with Mike Stokes at Cool Audio Productions this weekend was a blast. Even though we are friends, he provided me with a professional atmosphere to work in.  He had cold and room temperature water for me when I got there, and we spent a good 30 minutes coming up with our game plan for the session.  We tested 5 different microphones and settled on the Cascade V57 (for all you audio tech buffs).  I got 3 chapters, the intro and outro, and the Patreon extras all recorded.

Before I start editing the audio, I am now on the hunt for music to put in to the beginning and end of the book. Initially I wanted this show to be a lightly produced podcast novel. This is still the desire, but I’m really scaling back how much I am going to add to the spoken word.  I am considering just using ambient noise to give the listener the setting, but it will be difficult to maintain in scenes where Trix is traveling, so we will see.

I have decided to go with Incompetech.com to get the music for SBC. The reason being that it is free and Kevin McLeod is a fantastic composer. I can guarantee you have heard his music on podcasts and audio books already. I’ve even heard his work played on NPR. I cannot recommend him enough.

Well, wish me luck as I sift through his massive library of music.

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