Review of Grave Robbers by Drac Von Stoller

It is a time in the year 1862 when cities and towns are just starting to be established around gold mines. A group of thieves make their way to a small town with a graveyard much larger than their population.

Normally, I don’t care for stories of this nature because of dealings with the undead and my vivid imagination. But this story was short and I was able to listen to it during daylight hours. In addition the writer leaves a lot of the facts about the town’s sinister nature until the very end.

A story like this works much better in audio than in written form as the character voices change a lot. The narrator, Dan Absalonson did an excellent job keeping me in suspense and the production brought me out of my kitchen, and into the old west.

I recommend this story for the production value and for anyone who enjoys a story where karma comes full circle.

Check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Review of Grave Robbers by Drac Von Stoller”

  1. Thanks for enjoying the story in audiobook format. I have written the stories and almost finished with all 155 audiobooks. Now you’ll be able to see some of my films this fall. Just finished one and will be finishing the second one today.

    Drac Von Stoller

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