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NaNo Update #4 – Turik

Welcome to day 4 of NaNoWriMo.

I really liked working on the dialogue between Trix and Turik, so the blurb I am sharing with you is more of that. That way I don’t give away too much.

 Turik turned me to the West and we set out with the rising sun at our backs. “So what brings you our this way Trix? I’d have thought you were happy as a troll in muck out there with the humans.” Continue reading

NaNo Update #3 – Strange Meeting

Today we are taking a trip to the Silver Bark (home of the Northern Elves).  Along the way, Beatrix meets up with someone she did not expect.

As a side note, when I went looking for a picture of a goblin, this really was almost exactly what I had imagined Turik Mudrain would look like. Continue reading

NaNo Update #2 – Into the Woods

It is day two of NaNoWriMo and I am on a good heading. I am not done writing for the day but I do have the section I wanted to share with you all. It is a scene which I would love to see artists come up with imagery for. That’s part of the reason for me posting. My hope is that I can help inspire you all in whatever creative talent suits your fancy.

The rest of the trip into the Eldar Wood was quiet. Unnervingly quiet. Continue reading

NaNo 2012 Update #1

Happy November!

Bad Alchemy

Oh my friends it is so good to be writing for Beatrix Stonebriar again. I have been saving up some ideas for her and I feel like there might not be enough hours in the day to get all of my words out for her for NaNoWriMo.
So, here is a little taste of what my brain came up with.One of the things I am planning on doing for you all is to give you little snippets of what I have written on a weekly basis. If I think of it, I might do this as part of my morning ritual. It’s a thought anyway. Here is what I need from you. Encouragement. I need the push to keep going. There’s a lot going on outside and I really want to do that too. This makes it difficult to keep writing. But if I have enough people nagging me about getting the writing done, I may just be able to get my word count up there. Continue reading

Back from Balticon

After a fantastic weekend seeing old and meeting new faces, and a very long, scenic drive, I have made it home.

To reflect on this weekend is to be reminded of how wonderful this international family truly is. It is unfortunate that I can only get together with this group once a year.  My friend Valerie Griswold – Ford and I are working with other friends in the New England/Eastern Canada area to do a NoreasterCon. Personally, I’d like to do it as a “lets create something amazing this weekend, record it and post it as soon as possible” event. All the panels that I wanted to go to I didn’t end up getting to go to due to my own schedule, and just being worn out.

I also got to sell my own publication of Stonebriar Casefile: 182, Bad Alchemy. It is the story of Beatrix Stonebriar and how she uses her fae magic to assist in solving crimes through the CSI department. I still have CD’s for sale at $5. If you are interested, please email me at LNicole at FlyingIslandPress dot com. I have also been asked to create more cases for Trixie the Pixie (she’s gonna hate me for calling her that) so I guess that means that it is time for me to do some research.

The Stargazers Live Audio Drama went beautifully, even if I didn’t get to use the background SFX that I had worked on. I got live foley from Keith R. A. DeCandido instead and it was amazing. Thanks to Keith, M. Sieiro Garcia, Bryan Lincoln, Encaf1, Veronica Giguerre, P.G. Holyfield, Doc Coleman, Scott Roche, Starla Huchton, Tim Dodge, Val Griswold-Ford, Dee Reed, and Kim the Comic Book Goddess for bringing the story to life. Paulette Jaxton and Nuchtchas were supposed to be voices as well, but they had other things come up.

Also, it was my boyfriend’s first con. Everyone was great to him and he had a fantastic time! He will come back next year as will my father and his family.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. I just chose sleep over after parties. Thanks for the memories and let’s do it again next year.