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Prisonter of the Alliance is LIVE

Hiya friends. Today is the day. The day where my official literary debut is live and online! Check it out at www.scrivenerscircle.com .

I really have to thank David Sobkowiak for this. He has been a joy to write with and without him this novella would not have happened. Here’s to you David, my literary partner in crime!

That all being said, I really hope you all will check it out and leave us some feedback about this opening episode.

*Update* In my haste to post this update to you all I forgot to thank all the important people who supported me throughout this process. First I want to thank my father, Alan. Without him I would not have gotten into audio drama and thereby met David.

To my husband, Adam and mother, Gerianne. They live with me and put up with my tangents, give me quiet time to record, and support my creative efforts. And also they remind me to take time off to relax.

I am still very new to the podcast novel community but these are a couple of the authors that have inspired and entertained me, furthering my commitment to work on this project.

Patrick E. McLean: How to Succeed in Evil was the first podiobooks I ever listened to and it really opened my eyes to the genre. I listened to it on my way to and from other acting projects and was entertained for hours. I almost wished my commute was longer. Almost.

James Durham: FETIDUS was another one that I listened to on my commutes but probably not the best idea when driving through the winding Vermont highways on foggy nights. It was more my element as it mixed podiobook storytelling and audio drama. So I enjoyed it, but some parts made me jump.

Scott Sigler: Not my first podiobook to listen to but definately one that sticks out in memory as his name pops up EVERYWHERE when you say podiobook. I listened to Earthcore and loved the diversity of the characters and the quality of storytelling. He sets the bar, and gives me something to reach for.

J.C. Hutchins: 7th Son was a brilliant way of giving one actor a way to explore what would have happened if you took all of the paths that life has to offer. It was brilliant storytelling that I throughly enjoyed.

I also want to thank GypsyAudio.org (Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and Alex Gilmore) because they gave me my first platform to put out my writing. Granted audio drama is very different from podiobooks but still extremely enjoyable to create and listen to and if you haven’t checked them out already, what are you waiting for.

And I have to thank my work family who has put up with me non-stop. I see them way more than my home family these days and they are also super supportive of me and have hopefully already checked out the site.

Finally I need to thank my fellow authors and bloggers on Twitter. You all have made me feel so welcome and included and for those who are going to Balticon, I can’t wait to meet you!

David Maciver
Michelle Bekemeyer
Michael Bekemeyer
Scott Roche
Starla Hutchins
Phillipa Ballentine
Tee Morris
Brian M Oldham
M Sieiro Garcia
and probably many more that I can’t think of right now.

Again thank you for listening and please give feedback. It’s the only way we can improve.