GITA Balticon Interview Tek

I sat down with Tek of Nutty Bites who has some exciting news about a new podcast with regards to his journey through akido called Upside Down and Flying. This is a show I’m looking forward to listening to.

Find all information and updates for Tek at or follow him on Twitter @The_Clock_Doc

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GITA Balticon Interview Nathan Lowell

On this installation, we catch up with Nathan Lowell and his schedule from Balticon. Don’t mind the jingling, that was my Gypsy Pirate outfit. Among other things we talk about how to mitigate the post con blues. I also relate the reaction of my father meeting Nathan Lowell for the first time, which had happened just an hour earlier.

Find more of Nathan’s work at

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GITA Balticon Interview Kalila Roche

The best thing about Balticon is getting to reunite with all of my creative new media friends. The second best thing is meeting new writers. Take a listed to my interview with a fascinating young lady named Kalila Roche, as she talks about her writing journey, her inspirations and the people who encourage her, (like her father, Scott Roche).

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GITA Balticon Interview Alex White and Stephen Granade

Alex White and Stephen Granade from Disaster Piece Theatre (the re makes it fancy) sat down with me at Balticon to discuss their projects and what they’ve been up to lately.

Find their hilarious show at

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