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Hello folks. I know it has been a long time since I have blogged or posted any content. Thank you for sticking with me and continuing to check out my page for anything new.

For my job, I was studying for months on end to pass several tests. This was the main reason that content was not coming out. I have since lost that job because I did not pass the last test after 3 tries.

On the positive side, unemployment means that I can spend more time working on content for you all. I am very excited about what this means for me because I have the push needed to take the leap and really work on achieving some of my life goals.

What to expect:
Stonebriar Casefiles – I am working with an editor to get Stonebriar Casefile 182: Bad Alchemy out by Balticon this year. Yes, Balticon 50 will be my year!
Geek Radio Daily – This past weekend I attended TotalCon 30 and did a great many interviews of con attendees and participants. As this was a gaming convention, the content was not entirely suited toward my site. But in collaboration with Geek Radio Daily, I am working on getting the coverage of TotalCon 30 put together NPR style as one long story.

Nerd Rage News – Conventions are great places to network with industry professionals. I got to meet up with Steve Wollett of Nerd Rage News and now have the ability to blog there with all things nerdy so that GypsyLaura can just be about audio books and voice acting as it was intended to be.

HG World – I’m working with the gents of HG World to learn more about audio production. My character, Dr. Shiva Vesta is still present in the show, but my main role will be as cat wrangler/ line director for the show. It will help my own recordings in the long run.

GITA Returns- I’m auditioning for audio books now.  I am recording in a closet instead of the attic, but thanks to Cool Audio Productions, I am also able to record in a professional booth. I will be using my Zoom H1 to get more shows out to discuss my process and anything I think might be useful. Later on this year, I plan to have some industry guests on to cover recording tips, editing tools, and graphic design among other things.

Needless to say, I will be keeping busy while I’m searching for the ever elusive day job, but I figure this is kind of like what professional voice actors go through between jobs. Stay positive my friends.

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